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Hawk Week, Nineties Style

August 16th, 2012

In honor of Hawk Week 2012, the festivities that mark the beginning of the fall semester, we bring you some images of Hawk Week events from the late 1990s. KU alumni may recall Traditions Night, Beach-n-Boulevard, Jayhawk Playfest, and the Rock-a-Hawk Dance.

Rock-a-Hawk Dance 1998     Photograph of Dancers at the Rock-a-Hawk Dance, 1998

Above: Rock-a-Hawk Dance, 1998.  Below: Beach-n-Boulevard 1998 (left) and 1999 (right).
All photos from the University Archives, Call Number: RG 71/51. Click images to Enlarge.

Photograph of Beach-n-Boulevard, 1998    Beach n Boulevard, 1999

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