Nominate a Local Womxn of Color to be Represented in a Community Mural

Photo of Womxn of Color Mural Team

Do you know a local womxn of color whose story should be remembered? Are you a womxn of color whose role in the Lawrence community should be celebrated?

A team of community members is working on a project to record and memorialize the oral history of Lawrence womxn of color. The project will culminate in a public mural.

From their website:

This project is a celebration of the daily life and work, past and present, of Womxn of Color* (WoC) in Lawrence, Kansas; a monumental honoring of our presence, our creativity, and our labor as indispensable and integral members of this community. With the support of several grants (Rocket Grant & a Creative Arts Industries Commission grant from the Department of Commerce), we will collect oral histories from WoC who have stories they wish to share about their personal experiences in Lawrence. After this initial phase of the project reaches completion, our team will transcribe these gathered histories, interpret them into a visual design, and move towards the collaborative mural-making phase of the project. We aim to complete this project in its entirety by Spring of 2018 and the oral histories collected by our team will be archived on this website.

*Womxn A spelling of women, that is more inclusive to individuals who are: non-binary, femme, trans, and Women of Color.

How can I participate?

Nominate a Womxn of Color or self-nominate! Share a big or small story. (click here to learn more)

Join our Mural Design Team —Who qualifies? Any Womxn of Color in Lawrence KS. For more information click here or send us an email to:

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Spread the word about our project.

Join the mural painting and celebration (May of 2018)